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VNFS tặng thiệp Andy McKee

Andy McKee thiep

Andy McKee – nghệ sĩ fingerstyle guitar nổi tiếng người Mỹ, guitarist Khoa Le… & tấm thiệp cùng những lời nhắn nhủ VNFS gửi dành riêng cho Andy (sau concert của ông tối 10.12.2014 tại Portland, Oregon, Mỹ) <3

*Trân trọng cảm ơn guitarist Khoa Le đã giúp VNFS chuyển tấm thiệp này đến tay Andy McKee! (y)
– Khoa: Hi Andy McKee!
– Andy: Hi. Are you the guy who sent me the greeting card 2 years ago?
– Khoa: Yes, that’s me. So good to see you again man!
– Khoa: I’m having another greeting card for you, but

this time it’s not from me. It’s from my friends in Vietnam who are deeply inspired by your beautiful music.
– Andy: Oh wow… Thank you so much!
– Khoa: You can open it now, Sir!
– Andy: Oh man… that is amazing!
– Khoa: I just want to say thank you

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for my friends. I know its hard for you to make it, but if you have a chance, please come to Vietnam. There are fans waiting for you over there.
– Andy: Oh yes… I’ll definitely consider about it. I know Vietnam is a beautiful country and I hope to make it there someday soon.
– Khoa: Sweet. Can you take a photo with me and this card so that my friends can know that their messages were delivered successfully?
– Andy: Absolutely!
– Khoa: Thank you Sir. You have a great night!
– Andy: Thank you. Hope to see you soon!

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